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Act 1
  1. The End of the World
  2. Ivory Halls
  3. Incorporeality
  4. Nyctophile
  5. Nyctophobe
  6. Penumbral
  7. Night Falls
  8. Reunion
  9. Starlit
  10. Welcome back
Act 2
  1. 'Home'


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Warnings for individual chapters will be put in the "WARNING" part of the header of each chapter. Overall warnings include:

  • Warning
  • Warning
  • Warning
  • Warning
  • Warning

Character Information

Where information about characters go.

Not sure what this bit will look like tbh but I'll probably make up cards or something for characters. Link to art tumblr for questions and seeing more art and whatnot. This can be worked on as everything keeps going.

Extra Writing

Where cut-up content goes to be kept in one piece. Includes sections of books in the story, mythology, and cut scenes.

Writing topics:


Here are some inspirations for this and what it inspired:


Musical associations/playlist goes here maybe.